Charlie was my "nephew" - my sister Suzanne's dog - and an absolute joy for all those who met him. I had seen him only a month before he passed away. We all went for a long hike in the pouring rain and he had so much fun swimming out in the creek to fetch the bumper I got for him and his sister, Luna. His death was a tremendous shock to us all; it just seemed so unfair.

It can be easy to forget that our pets don't have the same access or even the same right to care that we do. If I had a life-threatening intestinal blockage, I could walk into a hospital and immediately have access to all kinds of specialists and diagnostics. Even better, the doctors would be obligated to treat me, even if I couldn't pay.

Charlie didn't have that privilege. Even though his family could pay for his treatment (which was thousands and thousands of dollars), it wasn't enough to diagnose him in time. His doctors did everything they could, but their hands were tied by a lack of resources. That is not acceptable to me and that's why Charlie's Angels exists.

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