From Doctor Sinclair-

Dr. Heather Sinclair
Charlie was a pleasure to know and was much loved by his family. He presented to our animal hospital with a variety of symptoms, and was treated medically for what appeared to be pancreatitis. What our doctors didn't know was that he also had a surgical condition. 

As a way to honor Charlie's memory, we would like to be able to better recognize potential surgical candidates by utilizing ultrasound as a diagnostic modality. The ultrasound unit we have selected is portable and versatile - it can be used on a variety of species, both large and small.

Having the capability to use ultrasound immediately, and as often as needed, on each individual patient will undoubtedly lead to a faster and more accurate diagnosis. Most importantly, it will help save the lives of critical animals like Charlie that need immediate surgical intervention.

Personal and Compassionate Care

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Dr. Heather Sinclair at Haw Creek Animal Hospital was the first, and last, veterinarian to examine Charlie. Over his short life, Dr. Sinclair and her staff provided Charlie with exceptional care, but it was his last few days that truly showed how dedicated they are to the animals entrusted to them...

When Charlie needed emergency surgery, the doctors stayed until 3am working on him, ultimately removing two feet of intestine and his spleen. Technicians volunteered to drive Charlie from Haw Creek to REACH, the emergency veterinary clinic, for overnight monitoring before going home themselves. Late nights, early mornings, and coming in on days off were all done without question and with genuine concern and love. And when it was time to say goodbye, they cried with us. 

Access to Care When It's Needed Most

Pets in Western North Carolina have limited access to the type of round-the-clock, specialized care common in larger metropolitan areas. Like Charlie, they are at a disadvantage in an emergency due to the scarcity of board-certified specialists and advanced diagnostics, including ultrasound. Even worse, there are no 24-hour veterinary hospitals in the Asheville area. In fact, the closest such facilities are located almost two hours away in Charlotte, North Carolina and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Haw Creek helps bridge the gap in care by offering extended hours until 11:00pm seven days a week. As you might imagine, the later the hospital stays open, the more emergency and trauma cases come in the door. The ability to have immediate access to the diagnostic capability provided by ultrasonography would enable Haw Creek to better evaluate and monitor patients, especially in emergencies. This could mean the difference between life and death in some cases - IT IS THAT IMPORTANT.

More Than Just Cats, Dogs and Shots

Haw Creek offers a wide variety of conventional and alternative treatment options as part of their holistic approach to veterinary medicine. They treat companion animals of many different species, including exotics and large animals. Ultrasound is an especially versatile diagnostic tool because it can be used on pets of all sizes. Having this capability in-house will benefit all patients at Haw Creek, from parakeets to horses. The small size and portability of the ultrasound unit itself will even allow the veterinarians to take it with them into the field (or the barn), when needed.