Your Generosity in Action

Thanks to our donors' generosity, the Haw Creek Animal Hospital was able to purchase the SIGNOS portable ultrasound unit in April. Now, after the staff completed training, the unit is in use helping pets! You can see in the photos just how easy the ultrasound is to use in any variety of situations thanks to its size and portability.
NOTE: Charlie's sister, Luna, is the (unhappy) model for most of these shots, although the last two are from Signostics demonstrating a cardiac ultrasound, including an actual image from the unit.

A Rescued Dog's Last Will and Testament

Before human beings die
They write their last will and testament
To leave their home and all they have to those they love.
I'd do such, if I could write:
To a poor, desperate, lonely stray
I'd give my happy home,
My bowl and cozy bed,
My soft pillow and my toys,
The so-loved lap, the tenderly stoking hand, the lovely voice
The place I have in your heart.
The love that, in the end, may help me find peace
Held firmly in a sheltering embrace.
When I die, please don't say
"I will never have a pet again, the loss is far too much to stand."
Choose a lonely, unloved dog and give him MY place.
This is my inheritance,
The love I leave behind is all I am able to give.