Some of you may be wondering about ChipIn and how the donation process works. ChipIn is a free tool for private fundraising that works in conjunction with PayPal to process and track secure donations. I researched a number of online tools in the process of creating Charlie's Angels, and found ChipIn to be the least expensive and most reputable option since we are not a non-profit. ChipIn does not collect any fee based on the amount of money donated like many sites do; however, PayPal does charge a small fee on transactions. Donations go into my verified PayPal account, less the fee. I will be able to transfer the money directly from PayPal to Signostics in order to purchase the SIGNOS ultrasound unit. Any money donated in excess of our goal will be used to help cover Suzanne and Josef's outstanding veterinary bills for Charlie.

ChipIn campaigns are time-limited. Please note that the ChipIn will close on February 14, 2011. If you have any questions about ChipIn, PayPal or the donation process, please email me directly and I will be happy to respond. Thank you for visiting our site!!

Note: All donors will receive a receipt from ChipIn, although it may accidentally land in your spam folder!

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